APC Smart UPS Symmetra LX modular redundant UPS power supply SYBT5/SYA12K16RMICH

Symmetra LX extends power systems and extends uptime, providing compact, scalable redundant power protection for small data centers, network centers and enterprise-class IT equipment.

Symmetra LX adopts a modular redundant architecture. When the demand increases or higher availability is required, the architecture can expand the power system and extend the operating time. Symmetra LX provides you with a high level of business continuity. The new generation of advanced design greatly reduces the floor space, reduces the space occupied in the rack, speeds up installation, facilitates deployment, and shortens maintenance time.

With built-in network manageability and a comprehensive 8-16kVA N+1 power package, the online Symmetra LX is ideal for protecting high-performance IT and telecommunication equipment in computer rooms and small data centers.

Symmetra LX Power Arrays are designed for changing IT environments

Symmetra LX has won the recognition of commercial companies, financial companies, retail companies and government departments worldwide, providing reliable power for all small data centers, extremely high availability applications in large data centers and medium-sized application servers. Its redundancy and scalability are very suitable for branch offices in finance, government, enterprise, manufacturing and retail industries. IT managers use all solutions provided by Symmetra LX power arrays because these protection solutions are designed for their critical applications and can be used with confidence.

Symmetra LX power array is designed to meet the needs of all these users. It is the world’s first power solution with redundancy, expandability, serviceability and manageability. APC’s large number of software and accessories provide Symmetra LX with an overall high-availability solution. Its time-tested, reliable, mature, load-sharing technology makes it the inevitable choice for any IT user who applies a high-reliability solution.

The scalability and user maintainability of the Symmetra LX power array significantly reduces the user’s total cost compared to traditional models.

Modular design

Provides rapid maintainability and reduces maintenance needs through self-diagnostics, hot-swappable, and field-replaceable modular design.

Configurable N+1 internal redundancy

By configuring one more power module than the actual connected load requirement, system redundancy can be achieved to provide higher availability.

Redundant intelligent modules

This provides higher availability for connected loads by providing redundant communication paths to critical UPSs.

● Hot-swappable batteries, power modules, and smart modules ensure clean, uninterrupted power to protected equipment during module replacement. N+1 internal redundancy N+1 redundancy ensures maximum uptime and continuous availability

Power modules in parallel

Improves availability by allowing fast and non-disruptive recovery from isolated module failures.

Battery modules in parallel

Higher availability is provided through redundant batteries.

Automatic internal bypass

Provides utility power to the connected loads in the event of a UPS overload or failure.

Symmetra LX power arrays have N+1 redundancy and highly sophisticated load balancing technology. Load balancing means that all modules in the power array run in parallel and share the load equally. N+1 redundancy means that the power array is configured with one more power module than the rated capacity, and all modules will support each other.

For example, if the computer load is 15kVA, five 4kVA modules can be used to achieve N+1 redundancy. If one module fails or is removed, the remaining modules will immediately support the entire load. It does not matter which module fails because all modules are still running and supporting the load.

N+1 is currently used for disk arrays, processor power supplies and the processors themselves. Symmetra LX allows IT managers to apply the same N+1 redundancy strategy to their power protection. When mission-critical applications and databases are applied to small devices, Symmetra LX power arrays will provide high-reliability medium-capacity power protection for such equipment.

High adaptability

Rack/tower convertible

When the customer’s system environment changes from tower type to rack type, it can be flexibly converted to effectively protect the customer’s UPS investment.

Expandable power supply capacity

Future upgrades are quick and easy, thus reducing the large investments required for current oversized UPS.

Scalable runtime

Whenever needed, the runtime can be expanded quickly and easily.

Plug and play external battery

This ensures clean, uninterrupted power to the load while increasing UPS runtime.

Field replaceable switchboard

Ensures compatibility with devices using different plug types.

Programmable frequency

Guaranteed compatibility with different input frequencies.


Protect your investment: Symmetra LX’s scalable capacity and battery backup runtime meet your power needs now and in the future.

IS administrators want to “invest as they grow” to meet future computer load growth needs. Changes in data center power requirements can make it difficult to develop cost-effective power protection plans. Symmetra LX power arrays can flexibly adapt and expand UPS capacity and battery backup time without completely reinvesting.

Symmetra LX Power Arrays are made up of load-sharing modules, so you can easily set up and reconfigure the array. If you want to add computer power to your data center, you can gradually add power modules to expand the power capacity. If you need to extend battery runtime, you can add battery modules. If you want to re-adjust the power system in different locations, you can move power modules from one power array to another. All adjustments can be made while the load is running and protected. Extended battery cabinets can extend runtime indefinitely.

Built-in Web/SNMP/Telnet/WAP manageability (including environmental monitoring function)

PowerChute Network Shutdown (Included)

Manageability—SmartSlot™ option provides customized management

Integrate UPS management into traditional relay management systems

The Relay I/O Card integrates with the user’s relay management system to output 6 UPS operating status relay signals. Input 4 relay signals to control the UPS’s switch, self-test, etc. to achieve a simple and practical UPS remote management method.

The Relay I/O Card (AP9610) is compatible with the following APC UPS models: SmartUPS Series, Symmetra Power Array.

The relay input/output card (AP9610) can be used with the APC Intelligent Slot Expander (AP9600/AP9604).

The relay input/output card (AP9610) can be used with the sound and light alarm to implement a solution that issues sound and light alarms when a UPS fails.