Enhance sustainability strategy

With the arrival of summer, high temperature and drought become our frequent topics of conversation. We also think of a lot of extreme weather events, such as heavy rain, heavy snow, drought, high temperatures, etc. This makes us pay more attention to low-carbon behavior. In particular, enterprises are more conscious of taking on the corresponding social responsibilities.

More and more companies request for proposal include a sustainability component, according to recent research.This is because businesses want to reduce their carbon footprint, and one way to do it is by investing in solutions that meet sustainability standards.

When it comes to uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), environmental-friendly businesses need to be discerning in what products they choose to buy. A newer class of UPSs is now available that meets sustainability standards, giving businesses an opportunity to invest in solutions that help them meet net-zeron goals.

There are three main criteria buyers should consider when making a UPS purchase – energy efficiency, materials used in the product, and a practice called “circularity,” which involves the reuse of components at the end of life.

Energy efficiency

Efficient use of energy is more important than ever. Not only are companies becoming more sensitive to their own electricity use, but they are also looking to reduce costs in the face of soaring energy prices.

With this consideration,the UPS should consume the least amount of energy possible.So when shopping for UPSs, companiees should look for the Green Certifications. Thus they are buying an efficient unit, which translates into a lower carbon footprint.


Traditionally, most of the materials in a device are discarded at the end of life.But now enterprises pay more and more attention to environmental protection and social responsibility.In order to reach lower carbon impact, material in ups is preferably recyclable.Most products have this material proof. If you need, please check our UPS listing.

Choosing a more sustainable UPS

This means not only a higher rate of return, but also our contribution to protecting the environment.