Features of Schneider Electric SP series UPS:

Schneider Electric SP series UPS adopts online double conversion structure, with output power of 1-20kVA, including tower, rack, standard and long-duration models. UPS adopts three-conformal paint protection for circuit boards to improve the reliability of operation. The number of external batteries of long-duration models (6-20kVA) can be adjusted and configured on demand. Simple operation and easy to use. The output power factor can reach up to 1, which is highly efficient and energy-saving, saving users’ usage costs.

Schneider Electric’s SP series UPS provides professional power supply guarantee for users’ critical loads and is suitable for government, finance, transportation, medical, telecommunications, energy, education, manufacturing, industrial control and other fields.

Schneider Electric SPM series UPS main models :

Tower Model

modelCapacity VAFull load power WStandard
SPM1K1000800Single-in, single-out
SPM1KL1000800Single-in, single-out
SPM2K20001600Single-in, single-out
SPM2KL20001600Single-in, single-out
SPM3K30002400Single-in, single-out
SPM3KL30002400Single-in, single-out
SPM6K60006000Single-in, single-out
SPM6KL60006000Single-in, single-out
SPM10K1000010000Single-in, single-out
SPM10KL1000010000Single-in, single-out

2. Rack-mounted models

modelCapacity VAFull load power WStandard
SPRM1K1000800Single-in, single-out
SPRM1KL1000800Single-in, single-out
SPRM2K20001600Single-in, single-out
SPRM2KL20001600Single-in, single-out
SPRM3K30002400Single-in, single-out
SPRM3KL30002400Single-in, single-out
SPRM6KL60006000Single-in, single-out
SPRM10KL1000010000Single-in, single-out

3. Tower/Rack Mount (10-20K)

modelFull load power WStandardInstallation TypeRemark
SP10KL-3110000Three in, one outTowerHost
SP15KL-3115000Three in, one outTowerHost
SP20KL-3120000Three in, one outTowerHost
SP15KL-3315000Three in and three outTowerHost
SP20KL-3320000Three in and three outTowerHost
SP10KL-31P10000Three in, one outTowerParallel
SP15KL-31P15000Three in, one outTowerParallel
SP20KL-31P20000Three in and three outTowerParallel
SP15KL-33P15000Three in and three outTowerParallel
SP20KL-33P20000Three in and three outTowerParallel

High reliability

● The circuit board is protected by triple-conformal paint to improve the reliability of UPS in harsh environments

● Wide voltage input range 110-300V, reducing battery usage times and extending battery life

● In generator mode, it supports operation within the frequency range of 40~70HZ

● 10-20kVA* comes standard with dust filter to better protect the core components inside the UPS

High flexibility

● 6-20kVA long-duration models have adjustable external battery cell numbers (16~20), taking into account both total system cost and discharge time

● 10-20kVA* tower and rack installation are convertible, with flexible and diverse installation methods

● 10-20kVA* The same model is compatible with three input and output formats, select as needed

High usability

● LCD display interface, quick and easy parameter setting

● UPS monitoring and automatic shutdown software as standard

● Optional SNMP, Modbus, dry contact card, environmental interface card and ITE card

Energy efficient

● Output power factor up to 1

● Online mode efficiency up to 95%

● Input power factor up to 0.99