How to get long term value from a UPS?

When purchasing a uninterruptible power supply (UPS), you may be tempted to make a decision based on unit price, but spending less upfront can cost you more in the long run. Total cost of ownership is the calculation that ultimately matters most. The type of UPS you invest in can really impact TCO.

Let’s review the top selection criteria in selecting a UPS with TCO in mind.

Five factors to consider to lower UPS total cost of ownership.


APC – Experts in Uninterruptible Power Supplies

American Power Conversion (APC) delivers network protection. APC is an expert in uninterruptible power supplies, offering products for the home, small business and corporation. The company’s power management and protection solutions go from the residence to the industrial complex. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) from APC decrease system downtime. These smart UPS products safeguard devices within a network, such as servers, routers, switches and hubs.

With Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) from APC, electronics have battery backup during outages and periods of inadequate voltage. The Uninterruptible Power Products do double duty by also protecting devices from surges and spikes. APC units are available in entry-level, standard and extended run classes to meet a range of needs. So computers, routers, storage devices and gaming consoles are shielded in the home or business from unstable voltage.

2. Energy Efficiency

APC UPS is much more efficient and last considerably longer than other brand. Some UPS devices offer “green” features such as power saving outlets that automatically turn off idle peripherals. A high efficiency charging system and an automatic voltage regulator within certain UPS devices also help reduce power consumption.


Many brands of UPS exist across the industry and buyers need to consider the price. We know that different price has different quality. Safety and reliability should be key considerations when selecting a UPS. Better-quality UPSs often come with either a lifetime warranty or an extended guarantee. Better-quality UPS is a wise choose in the long run.


This refers to the amount of time a UPS supports connected devices during a power outage. Should the power go out, how long can the UPS keep powering the attached equipment? For some, “the time it takes to provide a safe shutdown of a connected computer system such that no data is lost is sufficient” is the right answer. For others, perhaps a security system needs to keep running for several hours as a “bridge” until the utility power returns.So this factor need s to be consideration.

5.Size and weight

Some UPS designs targeted for the home market are optimized for larger loads and are overkill when keeping something like a modem, router, or a phone charger alive during power glitches. Choosing a form factor that fits your particular requirement will help assure that your investment meets expectations.

Yes, there are many factors need to be consideration, do you have any suggestions? Please feel free to contact us.