In what aspects is the intelligence of Intelligent PDU reflected?

Intelligent PDU is a power distribution device used to manage and monitor data centers or other facilities. By introducing novel communication methods such as Ethernet and voice services, it adds intelligent management control modules and control chips that traditional cabinet PDU sockets cannot provide, and also has power distribution and management functions. Smart PDU is a means for the construction of modern IDC data center computer rooms to effectively control power distribution and maximize the power utilization efficiency of data centers, effectively reduce PUE values, and effectively promote low-cost, low-energy green operations of data centers.

Generally speaking, intelligent PDU sockets are controlled through multiple access methods such as RS232, RS485, Web, Telnet, Email, SNMP network management system, etc., to achieve independent control of each port, and can remotely monitor, control and manage each socket on the network for precise control of power distribution. So, what are the specific aspects of the “intelligence” of intelligent PDU?

1.Balanced power distribution load: Intelligent PDU can automatically adjust power output by real-time monitoring of load conditions to achieve load balancing, avoid power overload or imbalance, and improve power utilization efficiency.

2.Real-time data collection: Intelligent PDU collects real-time current, voltage, power (kVA, kW) and energy consumption (kWh) data with a billing-level accuracy of +/-1%. Through data analysis and report generation, it helps users understand the operation and performance status of the power system and make decisions and optimizations.

3.Manage data center environment: Through environmental monitoring sensors such as temperature, humidity, access control, water immersion, and smoke, real-time monitoring of computer room environmental parameters is carried out, automatic alarm notifications are provided, and the IDC data center computer room ecosystem is optimized to ensure that operators formulate reasonable operation strategies, reduce operating costs, and improve PUE.

4. Protect infrastructure: Intelligent PDUs support door lock systems that restrict access to individual cabinets, cabinet groups, and entire channels, including all activity records such as record cards, users, lock/unlock history, open/close doors, alarms, etc. to ensure strict compliance with security regulations.

5. Enable remote management: Intelligent PDUs provide remote management capabilities to ensure data center uptime and employee productivity – (1) Operations and maintenance personnel can remotely turn on, off, and restart servers and quickly restore services through the IOT cloud platform, especially when managing hosting facilities or remote deployments; (2) Remotely access power and environmental data from multiple PDUs without setting foot in the data center; (3) Power IT laboratories and production equipment through multiple PDUs, using one or more power supplies for sequencing to minimize inrush current and start equipment in a specific order; (4) Send notifications to computer room operations and maintenance personnel via email, SNMP, or SMS to alert them to potential problems that may cause downtime.