Key Points for Purchasing PDU

A Power Distribution Unit (PDU) distributes the output current from the UPS to each IT device. IT is a key device that connects the power supply infrastructure to the IT system and all devices in the equipment room. As an important guarantee for the safety of power consumption in the computer room, the stability and security of PDU devices are directly related to the safety of power consumption of IT equipment and even the entire computer room. With the rapid development of cloud computing and Internet of Things technology, the construction of data rooms has ushered in a new stage of development, and there are newer and higher requirements for PDU products. These needs promote the evolution of PDU products showing the following obvious characteristics.

Security features are preferred. As an important part of the power distribution system in the equipment room, the security of PDU is the most important attribute. According to relevant research organization statistics, 80% of electrical equipment accidents are caused by electrical interface problems. Therefore, as the power interface of equipment in the equipment room, PDU security and reliability will be one of the most concerned features of customers in the future development. This is also the most important reason for data center customers who originally used ordinary sockets to turn to PDU products, because the safety and reliability of PDU products is much higher than that of ordinary power sockets.

Due to the special environment in the cabinet, in order to improve the safety of electrical equipment, the PDU not only be able to withstand the total power of the IT room’s design load, but also have an excellent overload protection mechanism. The purpose of this is to prevent possible fire accidents caused by overheating of the circuit.

Many manufacturers’ products have extraordinary performance in this regard, such as APC and Eaton PDUs series products. These products not only have high reliability electrical properties such as low temperature rise, high current carrying, anti-misplugging, high-precision plugging and unplugging, and convenient installation. They also feature outlet-level, phase-level and outlet-bar-level current metering capabilities as well as threshold/alarm capabilities.It improves system reliability by issuing preemption notifications of any approaching overload before an overload problem occurs and simplifying the task of installing new equipment.

Key points for purchasing

1) Choose the product that suits you according to your specific situation;

2) Choose products from well-known manufacturers

3) The country has relevant quality inspection and certification for various products. When choosing PDU products, you must first look at the qualifications of the manufacturer and then the quality certification of the product. Choosing those products is safer;

4) After considering the above, learn about the after-sales service of related products

5) When actually purchasing a PDU, you must first look at the manufacturer’s qualifications and factory certification documents to ensure the reliability of the processing; secondly, look at the product’s qualifications, testing documents, product instructions, identification nameplates, etc. to ensure that the product normativeness. PDU is a customized product specially designed for computer room power distribution. The experience value of matching the power consumption of computer room equipment is the most valuable.