Schneider Electric launches the new APC Smart-UPS RT series, creating a new breakthrough in multiple scenarios, more secure and green value

Beijing, China, September 19, 2023 – Today, Schneider Electric, a global expert in digital transformation in energy management and automation, held a new series launch conference for APC Smart-UPS RT. With continuous innovation as the development fulcrum and rich industry practices as the cornerstone, the new series of APC Smart-UPS RT inherits the classic genes of APC and the green and low-carbon concept of Schneider Electric, and is suitable for multi-field, multi-industry, and multi-business application scenarios. It will provide customers with more stable and reliable power protection, worry-free operation and maintenance services, and low-carbon and efficient business value.

With the rapid development of the digital world, whether it is the digital transformation of various industries, the growing and complex edge scenarios, or the construction of digital homes and digital office environments, the importance of safe and stable operation of power systems has been raised to an unprecedented new level, and a wider range of scenarios has been provided for small UPS applications. How to ensure continuous and stable power supply, ensure the reliable operation of critical loads, and take into account intelligent management and green and low-carbon development has become an important opportunity and challenge for the development of the current industry.

As a global leader in infrastructure construction and digital services for data centers, key industry applications, Schneider Electric has nearly 60 years of experience in UPS design and manufacturing. Schneider Electric’s new APC Smart-UPS RT series adheres to high quality and high manageability, adopts a double-conversion online structure, tower and rack-mounted convertible installation design, provides high-availability power protection for a wider range of equipment, and achieves multiple new value breakthroughs:

Wide coverage of multiple scenarios, stable and reliable operation: Integrates surge protection design, electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic anti-interference capabilities, meets EMC/EMI C2 standards, and supports compatibility with a variety of power supply environments. The PCBA circuit board has a triple-conformal coating and supports optional dust filters to achieve dust and anti-static protection, effectively adapting to extreme application environments. In addition, the new RT series is not afraid of high-temperature operating environments, and the power factor does not decrease from 0 to 40 degrees, achieving strong overload resistance in multiple scenarios of IT and non-IT environments;

Empowering variable operation and maintenance, worry-free maintenance: The European terminal block design and Anderson battery plug are easy to install and operate, and the battery pack supports online plug-in and pull-out to achieve a comprehensive safety protection design. The intuitive and easy-to-use multi-function LCD control panel enables convenient installation and maintenance with a friendly human-machine interface. Supports PowerChute network management, and is compatible with EcoStruxure remote expert services and EcoStruxure IT infrastructure experts, with digital local and remote management, expert-level monitoring and analysis capabilities, enabling users to easily cope with variable operation and maintenance challenges. At the same time, the 2-year on-site warranty service, covering service outlets and professional service engineers in all provinces across the country, can provide users with reliable operation and maintenance after-sales guarantee;

Multiple paths to reduce carbon emissions and help sustainable operations: The new RT series products have a power factor of up to 1 and are directly compatible with lithium batteries, extending the battery replacement cycle and providing more green and energy-saving features. With sustainable development design, the new RT series is the first product in the Smart-UPS family to be awarded the Green Premium product eco-label certification. As a product that is transparent about environmental impact and produces recyclable and low-Co2 products, the new RT series promises to provide products with first-class environmental performance.

The head of Schneider Electric’s critical power business product marketing department said: “Innovation is the key to our winning partners, customers and market recognition. The R&D team’s continuous polishing of product innovation has laid the foundation for Schneider Electric to lead the industry’s development direction. Schneider Electric’s new APC Smart-UPS RT series is based on customer needs in the digital age and will interpret another classic with multiple innovative values of greater reliability, greater security and greater greenness. In the future, Schneider Electric will continue to consolidate the foundation of technological innovation and provide excellent protection for building a safe, stable and sustainable digital world.”

Li, head of channel management and channel marketing for Schneider Electric’s critical power business, said: “As the first ‘smart UPS’, the APC Smart UPS series has been widely recognized by all walks of life since its launch in 1989 for its excellent performance and intelligent management functions. It is not only trusted by tens of millions of IT managers around the world, but also a classic product in the minds of channel partners, which has laid a solid foundation for their belief in Schneider Electric. The new APC Smart-UPS RT series is undoubtedly a continuation of heritage and innovation, and will start a new journey of mutual achievement with partners.”