Don’t forget the uninterruptible power supply in your cybersecurity plan

Cybersecurity breaches through unauthorized access to hardware happen more often than most people realize. While the industry in recent years has focused on software and cloud security, bad actors have been exploiting hardware vulnerabilities to launch cyberattacks. This includes cyber security breaches on uninterruptible power supplies.

UPSs provide backup power to a wide range of applications, mission-critical infrastructure, and IT systems in various environments, such as hospitals and manufacturing plants. A single cybersecurity incident may cost an organization millions of dollars and damage its reputation. According to a Dell research report, 63% of firms have dealt with a hardware-related security problem.

The security requirements of hardware assets don’t receive much attention. However, as more and more hardware products are connected to the cloud, it’s important to make sure all hardware is protected with the right security measures so the hardware doesn’t become an entry point of attack. This is applicable to UPS systems, too. High levels of cybersecurity are required for all UPSs because any weakness creates risk for both the UPS and the system to which it is connected.

But how we deal with this situation?

In the next article, we will discuss this issue.